10 Halloween Nail Art Designs To Get Spooky With This Season

Apply silver glitter nail polish to your stiletto-shaped nails for a glamorous look. For a bloody impact, add a coat of red nail lacquer.

1. Bloody Disco Nail Art

Calling all fans of Harry Potter! This Halloween nail art design in black and white was created especially for Potterheads.

2. Harry Potter Nail Art

Slytherins or death eaters from Harry Potter? This nail art design with snake skin, the deathly hallows emblem, and the death eater's symbol in black glitter paint is perfect for you.

3. Slytherin Nail Art

This Eye of Sauron-inspired Halloween nail art is perfect for Lord of the Rings fans.

4. Eye Of Sauron Nail Art

Pop art nails can feature Frankenstein's monster, another Halloween favorite, in bright colors.

5. Frankenstein Nail Art

Black cats are a gloomy omen and popular around Halloween. This charming and funny minimalistic Halloween nail art design is on the radar.

6. Black Cat Nail Art 

Get Dracula on your nails with this basic graphic Halloween nail art design.

7. Dracula Nail Art

Pokemon fans must get these horrifying pocket monsters painted on their nails, perhaps over a glittering purple jelly base.

8. Ghost Pokemon Nail Art 

Jigglypuff, one of the most formidable Pokemon, is charming and lethal, making it the perfect Halloween nail art.

9. Jigglypuff Nail Art 

This Halloween nail art design is perfect if you liked Stephen King's ‘It’ movie.

10. IT Clown Nail Art


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