8 Perfect Potato Side Dishes You Might Love More Than The Main

Let's be honest: potatoes are everyone's favorite vegetable, and these potato dishes will show you why. Is there a limit to the taste of well cooked potatoes? 

We do not think so. Whether you're roasting, frying, mashing, smashing, grilling, or twice-baking potatoes, here's everything you need to know to get the greatest results every time.

Choosing the right potato variety type for your meal is essential for preparing all of your favorite potato sides.

A russet potato is always a good choice for baked, microwaved, or twice-baked potatoes. Got some Yukon Golds on hand?

They're our preferred potatoes for everything from velvety mashed potatoes and French fries to our favorite potato salads.

Speaking of potato salad, BBQs and potlucks are incomplete without it on the table. We enjoy a variety of potato salads, including Southern, classic, tzatziki, jalapeño popper, and hot German with bacon vinaigrette.

And don't get us started on all the ways we enjoy using leftover mashed potatoes, such as loaded fried mashed potato cakes, fried mashed potato balls, and,

wait for it, mashed potato waffles. You'll find yourself preparing more potatoes just to create all of these recipes.


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