9 Deliciously Healthy Green Smoothie Recipes

Move over, kale—matcha is the hottest new green in town. The finely powdered green tea powder contains caffeine, while the pears provide vitamin C and fiber.

1. Matcha Pear Green Protein Smoothie Recipe

Do you like to start the day with orange juice? This creamy and thick green smoothie recipe incorporates fresh juice from the fruit. 

2. Spinach Orange Smoothie

Life is difficult. Why should you have to choose between a protein shake or a juice? With 30 grams of protein, crushed kale, and fresh orange, you can get it all with each smooth sip. 

3. Orange Kale Protein Juice

This sunshine-in-a-glass smoothie may be made with just five ingredients. Blend the spinach and romaine first, and then add the banana, oranges, and ginger.

4. Ginger-Orange Green Smoothie

Do not be deceived by the purple color! This violet combination is packed with tasty nutrients that will make other smoothies green with envy. 

5. Blueberry Mint Green Smoothie

Give them kale! This veggie-tastic smoothie combines salty and sweet flavors thanks to cilantro, honey, ginger, and pineapple. 

6. Spring Detox Green Smoothie

If it's too hot for oatmeal but you still want some whole grains, try this emerald shake, which has a generous amount of raw rolled oatmeal. 

7. Flax and Oats Smoothie

Refresh yourself while satisfying your sweet taste with this light and delicious green smoothie. Before making the drink, chill the melon and coconut milk in the refrigerator.

8. Honeydew Mint Smoothie

With 31 grams of protein, this smoothie is ideal for breakfast or as a post-workout snack. Sweeten the deal with peaches and pineapple, and you'll have one delightful drink!

9. Peachy Green Protein Smoothie


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