American Curl Cat Breed: Information, Pictures, Traits, and Facts

The American Curl breed originated in Lakewood, California, from a mutation in a cat named Shulamith. 

Shulamith, a black cat with unique backward-curling ears, gave birth to kittens, two of which inherited the distinctive trait. 

A geneticist confirmed the curled ears were a dominant mutation, prompting deliberate breeding efforts from 1983. 

The breed was officially named the American Curl in 1986. 

Since then, American Curls have gained popularity nationwide and internationally. 

Originating in Lakewood, California, the American Curl breed emerged from a mutation in a cat named Shulamith. 

Length:18-20 inches 

Shulamith's kittens inherited her unique curled ears, which were identified as a dominant genetic trait. 

Weight:5-12 pounds 

The American Curl breed, recognized in 1986, has since grown in popularity globally, originating from a mutation in a Lakewood, California cat named Shulamith. 

Lifespan:12-16 years 

Due to its limited gene pool, responsible American Curl breeders often crossbreed with straight-eared cats to maintain genetic diversity. 

Colors:Almost any color including tortoiseshell and patched tabby varieties 

When purchasing an American Curl, thorough research is crucial to find a reputable breeder. 

Suitable for:Anyone looking for a warm and friendly indoor-only cat 


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