Chrissy Metz On Weight Loss: "It's Not Really About The Food…Ever"

It's hard to believe that actress Chrissy Metz had only 81 cents in her bank account when the opportunity of a lifetime arose. 

But she aced her audition for the role of Kate Pearson on the NBC drama "This Is Us." Metz's genuine portrayal of Kate, who suffered with obesity,

body image, infertility, and emotional eating, quickly captivated millions of viewers, particularly women.

Metz also effectively portrayed Kate as a lady who was more than simply a number on a scale. Kate, as depicted by Metz, was a fiercely motivated and tough woman with an unwavering desire to achieve as a singer, wife, and mother.

But it's easy to see how Chrissy Metz so beautifully brought the role to life — earning her a Primetime Emmy and two Golden Globe nominations 

given that she herself has admitted to suffering with weight loss, insecurities, and anxiety.

Here, we look at everything Chrissy Metz has said about her weight loss journey, including how a panic attack led her to shed 100 pounds, 

her struggles with emotional eating, and the incredible advances she's making to assist other women of all sizes achieve body positivity and self-love.


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