How Mindy Kaling Found Success Amid Weight Loss Journey: Details on Her Diet, Exercise Routine

Mindy Kaling, an Office alum, is practically unrecognizable after undergoing a massive weight loss change beginning in 2021. 

While initially modest about her journey, the Massachusetts native did not leave followers guessing as to how she got such dramatic results. Keep reading to learn how Mindy Kaling lost weight.

The mother of two spoke out about the effort she went in to achieve her objectives while promoting her bikini collaboration with Andie Swim in May 2023.

"I know people are really interested in the changes in my body, and I think it's flattering, but sometimes it's just a little too much, so I try not to tune into it,"

she told People when questioned about the rumors surrounding her weight reduction. "The truth is that I devote a significant amount of time and attention to maintaining my health.

I run or hike 20 miles per week and do weights. It's a major commitment for me. "I basically live in workout clothes so I can get it done."

In June 2023, the Never Have I Ever inventor took on Instagram on her 44th birthday to "acknowledge that [she is] happy."

"My doctor told me that this year I was the healthiest I'd been in years. "That's a pretty damn good gift, right?" she said on June 24, along with a photo of her children.


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