How 'This Is Us' Star Chrissy Metz Lost 100 Pounds?

Chrissy Metz, a gifted American actress and singer, played the legendary Kate Pearson on This Is Us. Chrissy, like Kate Pearson on the sitcom, 

has been open about her battles with weight in real life. Metz shed over 100 pounds while in the spotlight, and the story traveled quickly!

She has struggled with her weight throughout her career. However, she did not let this interfere with her exceptional acting abilities.

She went on to win both the Primetime Emmy Award and the Golden Globe Award. Chrissy Metz is an excellent role model for women! It may take some time to finish discussing her accomplishments. 

Instead, let us explain how Chrissy Metz accomplished the near-impossible feat of losing 100 pounds.

Her insecurities stemmed from her family. Metz's mother adored her, but she preferred to go shopping with her two slimmer sisters. 

She has no negative thoughts for her mother, although this could have contributed to Chrissy Metz's body image difficulties.                 

She got into acting by coincidence. She was shocked by her appearance but took the chance to apply for a role. Fortunately, she received a call the following day and traveled to Los Angeles within a year to audition for a season. She knew she'd live her dream! 


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