Nail Designs for 2024 You’ll Want to Try Immediately

Nguyen highlights the trend of French manicures featuring a sheer base contrasted with a bright, assertive tip, akin to this rad design made for Dua Lipa.

Groovy French

This quiet-luxury color scheme and 3D nail art will be omnipresent in 2024.

Oat Milk Latte

Mocha swirls on a natural base are a softer version of the trend.

Muted Mocha

Arnold predicts an increase in earth tones with hopeful and bright finishes that “evoke a futuristic feel,” like this fashionable textured ombré style.

Textured Ombré

Nguyen recommends creative patterns like swirls and unique French ideas for the new year. We love this monochrome version.

Mod Monochrome

Nguyen says, “We are seeing a lot of sheers and pigmented skin-tone and nude tones trending for 2024. For natural, neutral colors, we always recommend the What is Cookin' Good Lookin' and Fashionably Light Collections.”

Short & Sweet

Arnold also expects spiritual, virtual, hallucinogenic, and supercool psychedelic styles like this beautiful one.

Psychedelic Vibe

For 2024, Selena Gomez brought back white nail paint, the ideal stealth-wealth tint. Try Chanel Le Vernis in Insomniaque to obtain the effect.

Pearly White

Be prepared for more mint green, matcha-inspired manis in 2024.

Matcha Moment


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