People who stay authentically themselves regardless of what others think usually display these 9 behaviors 

Self-Reflection: Authentic individuals regularly engage in self-reflection to understand their values, beliefs, and motivations. They take the time to introspectively evaluate their thoughts, feelings, and actions, allowing them to stay aligned with their true selves. 

Honesty and Transparency: Authentic individuals prioritize honesty and transparency in their interactions with others. They express their thoughts, feelings, and opinions openly and truthfully, without pretense or deceit. 

Consistency: Authenticity is characterized by consistency in behavior across different situations and contexts. These individuals stay true to their principles and values regardless of external influences, maintaining integrity and coherence in their actions. 

Vulnerability: Authenticity often involves embracing vulnerability and being comfortable with one's imperfections. Authentic individuals are willing to show their true selves, including their strengths, weaknesses, and emotions, without fear of judgment or rejection. 

Resilience: Authenticity requires resilience in the face of criticism or disapproval. Authentic individuals remain steadfast in their convictions and beliefs, even when they encounter opposition or adversity from others. 

Boundaries: Authentic individuals set healthy boundaries to protect their authenticity and well-being. They assertively communicate their needs, values, and limits, and they're not afraid to say no when necessary to maintain their integrity. 

Empathy and Compassion: Authenticity is often accompanied by empathy and compassion towards oneself and others. These individuals strive to understand and connect with others on a genuine level, fostering meaningful relationships built on mutual respect and understanding. 

Courageous Self-Expression: Authentic individuals are unafraid to express themselves authentically, even if it means standing out or going against the status quo. They embrace their unique qualities and perspectives, refusing to conform to societal expectations or norms that compromise their authenticity. 


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