Subtle Warning Signs Of Divorce Even The Smartest People MiSS

You go to bed at separate time

It's not a big deal if you and your partner do this all the time. After all, some people have varied sleep cycles, and this arrangement may work well for certain couples.

Your partner picks up a new hobby that takes up all their time

If your loved one takes up a new activity and becomes obsessed with it, to the point that you rarely see them, it could be a bad omen. There is nothing wrong with having interests, but they should never interfere with your marriage.

You start to ask permission to do every little thing

This is a subtle warning sign of divorce: you didn't think you had to, but now you feel you have to ask your spouse's permission to do anything, large or small.

Your partner spends a lot of time on social media

If your partner's social media habits begin to take over, keep a close eye on what's going on in their world. They may not be cheating, but they may be overly interested in social engagement outside of you. They may also feel lonely.

You take too many selfies

When people are about to break up, going through a divorce, or feeling abandoned by their partner, the number of selfies increases. A selfie you share with others is sharing a piece of yourself and a chance to connect by revealing your face, however not in an intimate sense like a relationship.

One of you is taking a spiritual journey — alone

If one partner begins to delve deeply into a religion or spiritual path that the other partner is not "in on," it is a clear indication that two people are embarking on very large and, most likely, permanent pa

You're having trouble at work

If one partner is struggling at work, there may be other issues going on in their heads that are unrelated to employment, such as marital discontent. It's easy to blame the hustle and bustle of everyday life, or simply being busy, for the breakdown of a marriage, but it can go much deeper than that.

Your partner is talking about new thing

Is your spouse's conversation suddenly changing? Are they discussing fresh issues that are unfamiliar to you? Perhaps they are even bringing up topics that you promised yourselves as a couple not to discuss


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