The zodiac signs’ biggest strengths and shortcomings

After all, your zodiac traits can reveal a lot about your personality, what makes you tick, and what annoys you, so a little self-reflection never hurts.

Here's a closer look at the zodiac signs' strengths and weaknesses, as determined

Aries can do anything they set their mind to, but they also have a secret imposter syndrome that can undermine their confidence if permitted.

Aries: Competitive but insecure

Taureans are the most loyal people you can have in your corner when things go tough, but they have a stubborn streak and can retain a grudge like no one else, so do not cross them.

Taurus: Loyal but stubborn

Geminis are adaptable, but they lose patience quickly and do not give second chances.

Gemini: Versatile but impatient

Cancers have abundant stores of profound, unending love and loyalty, but they are not good at conveying what is in their hearts.

Cancer: Passionate but uncommunicative

Born to be in the spotlight, this lion loves being the center of attention, but their intrinsic belief that they are always right means they can often ignore others' feelings.

Leo: Confident but dominating

Virgos are meticulous, organized, and diligent, yet their self-doubt makes them tougher on themselves than anybody else.

Virgo: Perfectionist but self-critical

Call the first Libra in your contacts if you need someone to listen and empathize.

Libra: Empathetic but indecisive

Scorpios are fiery, intense people who would go the extra mile to meet your emotional demands, but they are notoriously secretive about their own. Good luck cracking this closed book.

Scorpio: Intense but secretive


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