The Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Get Back With an Ex This Valentine’s Day

The celestial energy surrounding Valentine's Day this year is nothing short of extraordinary. 

With everyone on edge due to a tense moon square Venus in the early hours of the day, things might easily go lost in translation

Mars' close proximity to Pluto, just a few days before Venus enters Aquarius on February 16, may bruise feelings and test egos. 

We feel compelled to battle for a love that is entirely our own, yet in some circumstances, it is preferable to fight for ourselves. 

It's time to take off the rose-colored glasses and recalibrate our expectations in love. We asked astrologer Brittany Beringer which three zodiac signs need the most work to shift their perspective on love. 

Aries: Most Likely To Make an Impulsive Decision in Love

The North Node of Destiny and Chiron in Aries may cause tension between your ego and your heart and mind on Valentine's Day.

Libra: Most Likely to Fall for an Ex-Lover's Old Trick

Fate may lead you to consider forgiving an ex for their faults, but be wary of their beautiful words.

Virgo: Most Likely to Dig Up Old Memories From The Past

Valentine's Day 2024 provides an opportunity to move on from heartbreak, but with the North Node of Destiny illuminating your sphere of karma and transitions, you must confront your past in order to embrace your future.


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