The zodiac signs that are most often used, ordered

In a group chat, the most popular zodiac signs shine while the least popular ones hide in a corner under generic thumbs-up emojis.

If you are the latter, know that not everyone needs the loudest voice to be heard and sometimes it is better to connect with people one-on-one.

Leos are the center of attention in group chats, whether you love them or despise them. Incoming: 1,56,342 images of their latest hike.


On a quiet news day in the group discussion, Sagittarius might stir things up and occasionally stir the boil.


Meet the zodiac twins, who will hold your hand and send precisely the appropriate amount of cheer-up memes after a breakup yet strangely leave you on read when you need help booking an Uber.


This sign will tell you like it is, yet their attraction makes you forgive them when they call you out in the group chat for repeating an outfit.


A Piscean is a friend to all and here to share good vibrations, even if their inability to resist posting weird flashback images at dawn hurts their appeal.


Aries can rush to the last step of the think, feel, say pyramid before they have had time to consider. But when you need a reality check and a serious chat, this is the straight shooter you need.


Libras are popular in group chats because they are balanced and do not need to be adored like Leos.


This earthy sign is always among the first to reply at weird hours of the night, but only because they were up over-analyzing that one wayward emoji in the group chat. What does the upside-down emoji mean?



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