These are America’s Top 10 favorite dog breed

Forbes Advisor surveyed 10,000 U.S. dog owners, revealing that Australian shepherds are the top-favored breed, followed by German shepherds and bulldogs. 

The German shepherd ranks as the No. 1 favorite in 16 states, despite being the second most favored nationwide. 

Havanese is the least favored breed in 33 states, with German shorthaired pointers and Welsh corgis following as the second and third least favored. 

Reasons for favoring a breed include ownership experience (52%) and the belief that the dog would make a good companion (50%). 

Bernese mountain dogs dominate the preferences in populous states like California, Florida, and Texas. 

Labrador retrievers, former AKC "Most Popular Breed" for 31 years, still lead in 10 states. 

Despite being the AKC's "Most Popular Breed" in 2023, French bulldogs don't claim the top spot in any state and rank highest in Arizona and Hawaii. 

Cavalier King Charles spaniels are the least favored in six states, tying with other breeds for the bottom spot. 


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