TikTok: Teens educate themselves on skincare trends.

Skincare-savvy 13-year-old Martha educates herself on the best products via social media. 

Martha is part of a trend where even 8-year-olds are interested in adult skincare. 

Skincare guru Caroline Hirons applauds informed choices by teens like Martha.

Hirons advises parents to assertively decline inappropriate skincare requests from their children. 

British Association for Dermatologists cautions against potential harm from adult skincare ingredients for young users.

A skincare-obsessed 13-year-old is using social.

Martha, from south Wales, began her skincare journey at 9, inspired by online content during lockdowns.

"fantastic" that children were making "an informed, educated choice". 

Martha's initial skincare regimen consisted of affordable, gentle products suitable for young skin. 

"afraid to say no" to their children's requests for skincare. 

Brands like Drunk Elephant attract Martha's attention, but their potent ingredients aren't suitable for young skin, prompting warnings from the brand's founder. 


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